We are also a bunch of well experienced and creative tattoo artists in Jaipur who have worked at many places like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and we are working towards exceeding international standards of tattooing in term of work and hygiene in India. The price of tattoos depends on the size usually but cost of tattoos also depends on the artist doing it so it's better to contact us to discuss your tattoo. Tattoo mafia is a leading tattoo studio in Jaipur with highly Experienced and professional staff. We provide Tattoo training also and a lot of established artists have interned at Tattoo Mafia.

Ankita and Akanksha is head artist and owner of Tattoo Mafia has over nine years of professional experience in tattooing and piercing. Tattoo Mafia is one of the best tattoo studio in Jaipur offers best services.

Tattoo Mafia caters a wide clientele and offers exquisite tattoo service adhering to the highest standards in safety that has always been the hallmarked of its operations. Over the year, the studio has trained several tattoo artists who are now running their own studio.

I have always believed that art is not what you see but what you make others see....!

We know the art of intricate inking and proudly showcase several designs and styles. Traverse through a large collection of arty black and grey and colorful tattoos that just look so fascinating and irresistible. At Tattoo Mafia which is the best tattoo shop in Jaipur, the art of detailed inking is practiced in the most uncomplicated and painless manner, turning your tattoo journey into a delightful one.