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Learning tattoo art is not just about learning how to ride/operate a tattoo machine. It is like any other art field where the basic necessity is the art skill in yourself. There are many so called self claimed tattoo artist. Who know how to use the tattoo machine and the tattoo process but couldn't draw even have fundamental knowledge of sketching or drawing. They are not real tattoo artist". and so you get to see many disastrous tattoo all the time.


We are not concerned with the designs of the tattoo but also its quality to ensure this we keep best of equipments which can offer world class tattooing art in our hygiene standards no one can beat us as they match with the international standard. He started the process with the real packed needles once. We are done needless are either disposed or are given to you besides that we also take care of cleanliness things like ink caps gloves razors etc...... Making a permanent tattoo is like performing minor surgery, so most of the staff we use like tattoo needles, ink tips, ointments, gloves are one time use far non disposable stuff like tattoo chair, furnish etc...... We use disinfectants and sterilization equipments and meet international medical standard.


We also offer 1-5 month basic tattooing course which is designed for people who wants to learn tattooing as a hobby. If they want to extend the course they can always extend course for advance course. Accommodation facility available for our station at additional cost and job guarantee is also there.


Tattoo is a growing art in India. I want to expedite the proliferation of this art more over tattooing is no lesser than minor surgery and only a trained tattoo artist can conduct them successfully. There are no shortcut to learn tattooing. However there is certainly a proper and perfect way and we will help you to clean that. Tattoo training and academy is one stop shop for all tattoo needs be it beginner or advance level course or purchasing quality tattoo equipment or jewellery. We offer it all. We offer a three month advance professional course which includes building the students fine art skills with variety of mediums as well as practicing with the tattoo machine on skin.